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Computer Safeguards that keeps On Guard

Computer Safeguards that keeps On GuardThe advent of technology has done so many things both good and bad. We cannot deny the fact that the latest computer technology has made our lives a lot easier. Computers have uplifted our lives, work and businesses into a higher level that it used to.

However, with the many positive things that computer technology brought to our lives, comes the negative effects it may cause our privacy and security. With the influx of internet, there have been drastic changes that pose a threat to our privacy and security when we transact online.

Now, since most people agree that computer and internet seems an indispensable part of our modern life, in order not to let it rule over our sense of security and privacy, we have to take note of some points that we need to undertake to safeguard it.Among the most basic are the following:

· Be wary of your password

Put a password and regularly change it so that it would be difficult to unlock it. You have to keep it a secret at all cost.

· Install anti-virus software or spyware

Basic as it may seem but it is of primordial importance that you install security software in your computer. Take note to constantly run the scan to keep it updated.

· Limit the use of social networking sites

You might not be aware that you are overexposing so much detail in the photos, info’s and other things you share on social media. You have to limit the things that you share to prevent hackers from using your photos, videos and other important information.

· Don’t be too generous with your Wi-Fi Connection

It is good to share to your neighbors however, when it comes to Wi-fi connection, it may not be that safe. Recent news report said that there is a possibility that someone might be able to access your personal computer when you share your internet network with that person. So be cautious.

· Invest on a computer security

There is no other way to have optimum computer security other than asking a pro to install computer security software. If you want maximum protection and your files mean the world to you, then it is reason enough for you to get one. Yes, it is not for free but it will surely make you worry-free.